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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the signs that I’d benefit from a parenting course?

Agreeing with any of the following statements indicates that you would find a parenting course extremely beneficial:

  • If you feel that parenting is an endless struggle and family life is not very enjoyable.
  • When every approach you try with your children seems to end in arguments, upset and disappointment.
  • You feel worried, guilty, hopeless, unsupported.
  • When you are keen to learn more about your children, yourself and your family dynamics.

Q: Is it unusual to take a parenting course? Not many of my friends have taken one

We hope and believe that one day, every parent will think it is abnormal not to take a parenting course. In every area of life, we take instruction to improve our skills. Only in parenting is there an assumption that good parenting skills are somehow innate. Every client we’ve worked with has found taking the course, one of the most helpful investments they’ve ever made. Most of our clients come from referrals, as once a client has worked with us, they tend to tell all their friends.

Q: Why should I take a parenting course/workshop with you?

Our collective experience! We have been working as parent educators for 12 years, meaning that collectively we have over 30 years of experience working with families to share. We've taught thousands of families who have attended our face-to -face classes and consultations. Our team know the issues that families face and the solutions that work. Families we work with are creative people and when we hear back about additional tips that work, we blend those into our class content.

Everyone at The Parent Team is a parent. We have first-hand experience using all the parenting skills and strategies that we teach, as well as a lot of understanding and empathy. We have all undertaken The Parent Practice Skills Courses and our Training Programme under Melissa Hood so have trained for 12-18 months to be able to lead these classes – which is far more than most other organisations. We have also done extensive training with many other experts in this and related fields.

Q: I’ve done a course at The Parent Practice, what is different about your Family Skills Course?

Our Family Skills Course covers many similar skills as The Parent Practice’s Harmony at Home course. However, we’re always bringing in new ideas, research and stories that are relevant and topical. In our experience, all people benefit from repeating a positive parenting course. And … we offer a discount to those who have taken a Parent Practice course, and we’d love to see you again!

Q: How many people attend each Family Skills Course?

There are 15 spaces on each Family Skills Course. Each log in counts as one space, so more than one person can attend from the same home.

Q: How many people attend each workshop?

We limit our workshops to 50 homes. This enables the workshop to be interactive and ensures participants’ questions can be addressed. The Friday Refreshers are capped at 10 graduate attendees.

Q. Do I have to share personal information during the course or workshops?

Confidentiality is of vital importance to us and all parents are requested to keep anything said in class about other families private. Participants are welcome to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. Many clients find the courses and workshops beneficial even if they choose to listen. Many parents find it a relief to share their worries and talk through the situations they are facing. This helps to normalise a lot of child and parent behaviour, and we also find a lot of peer-to-peer learning takes place.


Q: Do I have to do extra work outside each Family Skills class?

Every session will cover a new skill. Parents are encouraged to practice these skills between each class. Every participant will receive a workbook. This provides further background reading, relevant examples and an action plan. If you have time, completing the action plan will deepen your learning so we do recommend this, but it is optional.


Q: If I miss a class or workshop how can I make this up?

For anyone who misses a class or workshop we will provide a recording of the session. The recording will be available for a limited time period.


Q: What happens if I have booked and paid for a course, workshop or private consultation and have to cancel at short notice?

For cancellation information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions click here.

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