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Positive parenting skills lead to optimal outcomes for children at home and school

Juliet, Jenny, Ann and Victoria have been leading positive parenting workshops at schools and nurseries for over a decade.

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When children are happy at home, they thrive at school

Running a positive parenting workshop in school or nursery is a great way to support the parent community and can make a significant difference to children’s mental health and wellbeing including:

Increased self-esteem, motivation and cooperation
Better emotional intelligence and self-regulation
Improved cognitive and social skills
Fewer behaviour problems and less conflict
Increased self-reliance and resilience
Better communication and problem-solving skills
Increased empathy, tolerance and consideration of others

Our workshops can be delivered online or in-person

We offer a range of workshops and each one is accompanied by a comprehensive e-handout. Recordings can also be made available. Prices start at £500.

Here’s a list of our workshop titles – for full details click on a title
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Workshop Summaries
My husband and I found your recent workshop on becoming a calmer parent at Eaton House absolutely illuminating! We definitely had a few lightbulb moments about how to handle certain situations with our daughter. We are definitely after more tools and trainings!

Maddie, mum of one

I really could not have hoped for a more informative, helpful and reassuring 90 minutes as the workshop at our school this week. Knowing why things happen and what we can do as parents to make even the tiniest difference is incredibly useful. I spend my life attending industry presentations but this was head and shoulders above the rest. Brilliantly delivered and about something that really matters.

Christobel, mum of three

The workshop on friendships was the perfect balance of science, stats and practical advice. We learned all about how children develop and experience friendships, and how we can help them navigate and maintain relationships with their peers. Having strategies to support children when things go wrong with friends is really useful and this workshop provided parents with exactly that.

Mrs Fryer, Deputy Head Pastoral, Notting Hill Prep

The developing emotional intelligence workshop proved the perfect tonic for parents during a busy term and they felt their toolkit was further equipped with questions and conversational threads when talking to their children.

Deputy Head, Homefield Prep

Jenny is full of knowledge and useful advice. Feedback from my parents was excellent and they appreciated the clear guidance and support. We’re already scheduling another workshop and I would highly recommend The Parent Team.

Headmistress, Halstead Prep

Jenny’s entertaining style captivated the audience from the outset and created a relaxed atmosphere. We won’t hesitate to invite The Parent Team back for future workshops.

- Deputy Head, Pastoral, Glendower Prep School

I thought the workshop was excellent. Juliet is full of knowledge and had lots of great advice and resources to share.

- Catherine, parent at school workshop

The workshop was extremely powerful and included recent and relevant data. We could easily relate to the informative content and were given practical, helpful ideas to support our children in making and keeping friendships at different stages through their lives.

- Deputy Head Pastoral, Glendower Prep School

Ann is an expert in her field who is always professional, pleasant to listen to, ever encouraging and supportive. Her easy, friendly style of teaching is conducive to listening and learning. She taught us how to approach parenting with a positive, flexible mindset along with practical skills that are easily implemented into family life.

- Special Education Action Committee, Rye Neck School District

We were thrilled to welcome The Parent Team to present to our parents on parenting in the digital world. Technology can be a really hard path to navigate for parents but Jenny shared some insightful and practical ways to embrace a healthy relationship with technology in the family home. The talk was extremely helpful and very much appreciated by our parents to help support their children in the online world as well as embracing the world offline.

- Deputy Head, Cameron Vale School


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