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Helping you raise happy, confident, resilient and cooperative children

Finding parenting challenging? Wishing home life was less stressful? We are a team of parent educators based in London and New York. We teach positive parenting skills and provide practical, effective support to ease the stresses of parenting and make home life more enjoyable.

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Raising a happy and thriving family is rarely simple. It has become increasingly challenging since the Covid-19 pandemic, the associated lockdowns, and the implications this has had on learning, socialising and family life in general.

Many families we work with are concerned about:

Lack of co-operation and refusing to listen
Reduced motivation and difficulties engaging with school work
Argumentative siblings
Tantrums and emotional outbursts
Battles at bedtime and mealtimes
Digital dramas

Parenting is hard work however it can become easier and more fulfilling

Let The Parent Team help your family thrive by introducing you to positive parenting skills incorporating the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology and psychotherapy.

This means you will:

Grow in confidence as a parent and feel calmer and more able to cope with challenges
Strengthen your connection with your children and enjoy family life more
See improvements in your child’s self-esteem and behaviour

The work that The Parent Team does has been critical to the happiness of my family. We now parent in a dramatically different way and, as a consequence, we genuinely enjoy being their parents. I can’t recommend the course more highly and we’re so grateful for it. Pure gold!

- Ali, mum of three

Your enthusiasm and genuine belief in what you are teaching has given me the confidence to try the skills and persevere with them. You were able to answer everyone’s questions and address their individual concerns in an informed and non-judgemental way.

- Miranda, mum of three

The course was practical and enlightening and it really boosted my confidence in relation to parenting.

- Gemma, mum of two


Let The Parent Team help you find the best way forward for your family whether you want to make small changes to the dynamics at home, or need support with significant challenges.