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We offer a wide range of specialist workshops in a variety of formats

All our workshops are led by one of The Parent Team’s experienced parent educators, and provide an in-depth explanation of each topic, with effective solutions and practical examples. Each workshop is accompanied by a detailed e-handout.

Live Workshops

We hold regular live online workshops in a friendly and engaging format including Q&A's.

Recorded Workshops

We have a library of recorded workshops available to view whenever you need them.

Schools and Nurseries

We deliver all our workshop titles to schools and nurseries. Click here for more information.


We offer all our titles as webinars. Contact us for more information.

Host your own workshop

We can arrange any workshop for a group of friends, online or at home. Click here to contact us for more information.


The Digital Workshop

The Digital Workshop

Thursday 16th May at 7:30pm

Parents want their children to develop healthy digital habits so they maximise the opportunities of the online world.

This workshop explains how to set and uphold effective digital rules, how to have open conversations about digital use, and how to help kids log off when they need to.

The Teen Workshop

The Teen Workshop

Wednesday 22nd May at 8pm

Adolescence brings many changes for children in terms of self-esteem, behaviour and relationships.

This workshop explains why teen behaviour can be challenging, and how parents can set effective limits and protect the parent/teen relationship. We offer practical solutions to typical teen hotspots.

The Calmer Parent Workshop

The Calmer Parent Workshop

Tuesday 4th June at 7pm

Being a parent can be stressful, particularly when children are rude, demanding and uncooperative. Most parents find themselves blaming and shouting at times.

This workshop explains how parents can identify calmer and more effective ways to respond when things go wrong?


Helping Children Thrive

Helping Children Thrive

Parents want their children to develop confidence, emotional resilience, and be motivated and cooperative.

This workshop explains how to harness the power of positive and help children manage their emotions effectively. We reveal how to boost cooperation and prepare children to cope with new and challenging situations.

The Siblings Workshop

The Siblings Workshop

Brothers and sisters often struggle as they work out how to get along with each other.

This workshop explores the dynamics of the sibling relationship and shares practical ways to help children develop a positive relationship with each other. We share practical ways to handle whining, moaning, and tale-telling, and how to intervene in sibling disputes.

The Homework Workshop

The Homework Workshop

Every parent wants their child to fulfil their potential at school. And most parents find homework frustrating at times - whether it’s their child’s perceived lack of motivation, organisation or focus.

This workshop shows how parents can help their children develop a positive attitude to learning and establish an effective homework routine and study habits.

The Friendship Workshop

The Friendship Workshop

Friendships can be difficult for children. Sometimes they find it hard to make or keep friends, and every friendship has moments of conflict which are upsetting for everyone.

This workshop explores how to help children make and sustain healthy friendships, and how to support them through common friendship challenges such as teasing and exclusion.

The Motivation Workshop

The Motivation Workshop

Children have lots of natural motivation, but most find it hard at times to start or persevere with academic, social and practical tasks at home.

This workshop explains how to encourage the healthiest type of motivation and provides strategies to help children develop a healthy, positive attitude to learning, effort and mistakes.


We can bring any of our workshops to you and a group of friends either by Zoom for £500 or in-person for £600*.

Get in touch at to arrange a date!

*Central London, UK and Westchester County, NY

I attended your brilliant workshop on Anxiety last night – thank you so much. I have already been able to use some of your top tips and I want to hear more about how else we can support our daughter.

- Sarah, mum of one

The Anxiety Workshop was absolutely brilliant, and so full of achievable everyday tips to help the kids (and ourselves!) achieve a more balanced emotional state. One of our kids is prone to anxious feelings and it’s a daily challenge to manage it so your advice was invaluable.

- Martha, mum of two

Attending the workshop was a great way to spend an evening together at home! It was a really good investment of our time to try to understand our son better and be the best parents we can.

- Nicola, mum of two

The Girls & Friendship workshop was excellent. Recently my 12 year old daughter was in a friendship triangle fallout and I felt so capable to help her this time, whereas I have felt helpless before.

- Emma, mum of two

I underestimated how life-changing some of the advice from the Boys Workshop was. Descriptive Praise has done wonders for my son. He is happier, more relaxed, and better behaved as a result. And so are the rest of us!

- Laura, mother of two


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