How can we help? Book a free 30 min consultation

Sometimes we need personal attention and specific advice tailored to our particular family challenges

Working privately with a member of The Parent Team, over one or more sessions, allows you to focus on specific issues and develop a strategic plan that can be implemented immediately to help your family thrive. You will receive a written action plan after each session.

In each bespoke session, you will learn and practice relevant positive parenting skills, such as how to nurture self-esteem, develop emotional intelligence and resilience, reduce sibling rivalry or increase motivation and co-operation. We will discuss specific solutions to any particular issues to ensure a happier family life.

All private consultations are currently taking place on-line. We have both day-time and evening dates available.

We offer various options:

Free 30 minute call

If you’re not sure what the best approach is for you, please get in touch below. We can assess your needs and decide on the most effective way forward for your family.

90 minute consultation

If you’re ready to take the first step, let’s arrange an initial consultation. We will assess your concerns about your children and discuss the dynamics at home, and any relevant family history. We will establish a clear set of goals and identify key positive parenting skills that will improve family life and relationships.

60 minute consultation

If you have completed our Positive Parenting Course, or a course with any of us at The Parent Practice, and you wish to work on any new issues or challenges with a member of The Parent Team, we offer 60 minute sessions to refresh your skills and get you back on track!

Bespoke package

Over a series of sessions, booked at regular intervals, our Private Consultation Package will enable you to learn how to apply and practice positive parenting skills to best effect, so they become established habits at home.

You will receive our Positive Parenting Course workbook, posted to UK addresses and available as a download outside the UK.

A huge thank you for all the help and support you have offered through some very difficult times. Your guidance has been invaluable - your calm and empathetic approach has often felt like a lifeline. I now feel so much better equipped to understand and interpret my children’s feelings and behaviour, and indeed my own, and this has enabled me to build close and trusting relationships with my teenagers.

- Geraldine, mother of three

You have no idea what a difference you’ve made to my family. The skills you’ve given me have changed my life and my relationship with my child. I can’t thank you enough.

- Ali, mother of one

You were empathetic, funny (at the right times) and made me really believe I could do the skills at home. You gave me the confidence to think it would work if I tried.

- Victoria, mum of three


Let The Parent Team help you find the best way forward for your family whether you want to make small changes to the dynamics at home, or need support with significant challenges.